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In February 2014, Western Union Business Solutions commissioned East & Partners to survey 349 small businesses. The results showed that 50% of small businesses in Malaysia only find out the exact amount of their foreign invoices once the payment is due. This means that businesses dip into their reserves and earn lesser margins because they do not have access to real-time exchange rates.

At Western Union Business Solutions we believe in giving businesses real-time exchange rates across 130 currencies via an online payment platform – which is why we’re introducing the GlobalPay Lite. GlobalPay Lite helps to improve your payment processing by giving you an efficient platform to send payments abroad.

GlobalPay Lite:

Gain Cost Certainty
Always know the amount of your foreign invoices with real-time exchange rates for over 130 currencies.

Save time
Spend less time processing payments and more time on your business with online accessibility and payment notifications.

Easily reconcile your payments
Gain transparency over your payments by downloading transaction reports to help you manage your payment needs.

Send International Payments – Fast & Secure

Get GlobalPay Lite to help save your time managing payments so you can focus on managing your business! For a FREE sign up, please call us at 1-800-81-7407

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